Questions We Get Asked (All The Time).

What meat do you use to make your Jerky?

We use only 100% Grass-fed New Zealand beef – to be exact, round…which is super lean and incredibly flavoursome.

What makes Bootleg Jerky different to the stuff we’re used to eating?

Unlike most gas station jerkies, our products don’t contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives in the marinating process. That means NO NITRITES • NO PRESERVATIVES • NO ADDED MSG. To get the bold and unique flavours, we marinade our sliced beef in a secret mix of perfectly blended ingredients for at least three days - this ensures flavour all the way through each piece.

Where is Bootleg Jerky made?

All of our products are made right here in Auckland, New Zealand. We proudly wear the ‘NZ Made’ badge.

Is Bootleg Jerky Halal certified?

While the raw meat is all Halal certified, our manufacturing facility also produces pork products - obviously they never come into contact with each other but this stops us from being able to certify our products as Halal - we are working on this though.

How long does the jerky last?

All of our jerky has a three-month (3) use-by-date. It will technically be good to eat after this, but our high standards mean we don’t want you eating meat that’s been sitting on a shelf for that long. We are yet to find someone that can have a bag staring at them without devouring it instantly! All our bags are stamped with a batch number and a use-by-date on the back - don’t eat the stuff if it’s passed its use by date.

How do I store the jerky?

Our forefathers created jerky able to store protein sources long before there were fridges. It is believed that they were hung at heights where bugs couldn’t reach them and dried out in the sun - we doubt they would have tasted any good though! Today, our bags come with an oxygen absorber (please don’t eat this!) and can be left unrefrigerated in a cool dry place for three (3) months. Once opened, our bags have a zip that can be resealed for freshness. We recommend eating the jerky within three (3) days of opening (if you can get it to last that long).

Is Bootleg Jerky Gluten Free?

We currently have two gluten-free flavours - Hot Shot and Manukayaki - don’t say we don’t spoil ya!

Are there any allergens that I should know about?

On the ingredient’s list of each flavour we have clearly outlined any potential allergens, but here’s a quick rundown to save you a click:

The O.G. - Gluten (Wheat), Fish, Gluten (barley), Soy.

HotShot - Soy

ManukaYaki - Sesame, Soy

SweetHeat - Gluten (wheat), Fish, Gluten (barley), Soy

On a side note - we don’t put fish into our Jerky. We use premium Worcestershire in some of our marinades and that contains anchovies for a deep flavour.

How much jerky is in each bag?

We have 80 grams in each pouch, which is normally around 200 grams of raw beef – that’s like a restaurant steak in a bag!

How long does it take to have my Jerky delivered?

We aim to have your order packed and handed over to our runners the day of or the day after you order - depending on when you order. The runners then take two/three business days to ‘dodge the Feds’ and deliver your Bootleg Jerky. You will receive full tracking information when your order is placed, so you can keep an eye on it in real time and make sure it hasn’t been intercepted. Rural addresses and island deliveries may take a little longer, but you guys have been around long enough to know this by now.

My order hasn’t arrived - what should I do?

If you haven’t received your order within four working days, check your tracking information online to make sure it hasn’t been delivered to the wrong place, or flick us an email and we will see where the order is. If the ‘fuzz’ have intercepted it or the runners have stolen it for themselves, we will resend your order and deal with the runners ourselves.

I’ve got what it takes to sling for you guys, what do I need to do to get in on this?

We are very picky on who we want to sling our Jerky, but feel free to flick us a message and we can talk business.

My Jerky doesn’t look the same as the last lot I ordered - is it OK?

With the nature of our product and the fact it is cut by hand on a slicer, hand-tossed in marinade using only real ingredients and cut into bite-sized pieces by a person with a big shiv, it is inevitable that the jerky may look different from batch to batch - it should, however, taste the same every time. If for whatever reason you are not happy with it, let us know and we will sort it out for you.